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Danube Electric Ltd.

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services Since 1974

electrical Services we provide

Danube's highly skilled staff will install, service, or automate your equipment in a prompt and professional manner.
Our services are utilized by the printing, plastics, forestry, machine shop, chemical, food, and packaging industries, to name a few.
Our services will produce reliability in your machinery. You will benefit from this by reducing downtime, improving productivity, and increasing profits that, all together, help your business grow. 

Service and Repair

Our team of trained and experienced technicians will troubleshoot your machinery quickly to identify and isolate any difficulties you experience. We will rectify the situation and properly document any changes or adjustments made to machinery, for future operator reference.

industrial installations

Whether acquiring a new piece of machinery, or moving your entire operation, our professionals are trained to handle set-up and testing in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We ensure maximum safety and minimum downtime, getting your machinery functional as quickly as possible.


Want to increase your operating effectiveness? We custom-design solutions for increased productivity of your equipment. We have designed components and interfaces for a host of companies, increasing their output speeds, and feeds as well. Ask us about a project you have been contemplating.

Electric car charger installs

Danube Electric is proud to provide the service of electric vehicle charger installation to our customers. BC Hydro offers rebates on some EV charging stations. For more info, click here.

infared thermal imaging

Our new  Infared Thermal Imaging service can help companies prevent serious failure and damage by bringing hot spots to your attention before they are a problem. Our colour reports will provide you the information you need to make proactive maintenance decisions. And unlike companies that only issue reports, you can ask Danube Electric to repair, replace or upgrade these problems/areas for you once they’ve been identified.

improve efficiencies

From scheduled motor maintenance and BC Hydro Powersmart high efficiency lighting retrofits, to the sizing & installation of transformers & power factor correcting capacitors, there are many ways Danube Electric can help reduce your yearly energy costs. Ask us to show you your potential savings.

After install of EV chargers.

During install of EV chargers.

Before infared thermal imaging

After infared thermal imaging

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